A letter from Tom Concannon: 28 days in the mountains

28-Day Wilderness Adventure
Our Special Wilderness trip ran from June 14th to July 3rd this year and our regular Wilderness Trip went from July 13th to August 6th.
These trips are always quite challenging due to our route and the duration of the trip. Most people are not physically prepared to hike with a heavy pack for 21-28 days in the mountains. In addition to the normal physical challenge, this year the weather was rather wet in June. The boys and staff persevered through these challenges, realizing many individual goals and forming a cohesive unit, working together to make it through.
Our trips are designed to help young men change their perspective of themselves and their perspective of the world around them. Completing difficult physical labor allows a boy to see himself as capable. Completing a difficult physical task in the company of the same small group of boys allows a boy to see himself as capable of caring about his buddies, helping a buddy in need, and seeing himself as capable of having quality friendships. Completing a difficult task in the company of adults who keep you fed, on track, and safe allows a boy to see the adults in the world as caring, safe, reasonable, and worthy of his trust.
The 13 boys who completed this trip all experienced major gains in self-confidence, social skills, and a sense of community. They also developed individual skills with the assistance of the trip therapist and the field staff.
We watch these boys thrive after their experience in the wilderness and we are especially appreciative of our donors who make this trip possible year-after-year. Our donors’ generosity makes a significant positive impact on the health and well-being of many young men in our community.
Thank you,
Tom Concannon
Director, Red Top Meadows Treatment Center