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Reinventing and rejuvenating spaces to heal and inspire Wyoming youth

Building Brighter Futures
This comprehensive campaign will support critical building renovations at the Hirschfield Center, Van Vleck Group Home, and Red Top Meadows Residential Facility — allowing enhanced programming in safe, welcoming spaces for young people navigating crises and seeking hope — in addition to expanding existing programming and ensuring long-term sustainability.

We believe in a community where our youth and their families have every opportunity to thrive.

Teton Youth & Family Services offers a path to healing and hope-filled futures for the young people and families of Teton County, WY. Over the past two years, the needs for our services — from case management and therapeutic support for young children navigating trauma to residential and wilderness-based opportunities for teenagers facing an array of challenges — have increased significantly.

With your support, we can meet their needs and help them find paths forward. Safe and welcoming facilities are fundamental elements of our programs.

TYFS Supports Growth

With $15M we can transform our facilities and enhance the quality of our programming. 

Secure, harmonious 

spaces invite 



Incorporating state-of-the-art design and building elements, TYFS will provide facilities for children and families that prioritize safety and ensure that all areas are utilized as efficiently as possible.

Welcoming, peaceful

facilities encourage 

healthy connections.


The path to healing is gentler in an environment that offers a sense of peace, safety, and community. TYFS aims to create both private and communal spaces that foster a sense of individual and collective wellbeing.

Trusting, authentic

connections are the bedrock

of a thriving community.


Genuine growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum — it occurs with support, compassion, and in a space that invites vulnerability and openness to new ideas. This critical exchange is the foundation for resilient individuals and relationships.