What is the Van Vleck House?

Jackson hole leadership program
I want to let you know more about an incredible part of Teton Youth and Family Services- The Van Vleck House.
The Van Vleck House provides programming to children and adolescents in our community along a continuum of care.
Our programs include:
  • The Jackson Hole Leadership Program which is a summer camp focused on social skill building, problem solving and having fun in the wilderness
  • Crisis Shelter for youth in need of a short-term break from the issues that they are experiencing so that they and their families can gain new perspectives and new tools
  • Group Home for youth who are in need of longer term treatment for mental health and behavioral struggles
  • Staff Secure Holding Facility for youth in an acute mental health or legal crisis which acts as a bridge to more definitive care
These programs offer a wide spectrum of opportunities and interventions. For youth who participate in the JHLP, they are offered the opportunity to interact with others who they might not normally associate with which brings up many opportunities to try new things and learn how to communicate more effectively. Kids participate in group challenge activities, canoeing, ropes course, camping and overnight backpacking.
Youth in the Crisis Shelter may be getting help with their issues for the first time and are encouraged to see their struggles from a new perspective. Parents receive help in understanding and re-connecting with their struggling teen. They then have the opportunity to practice what they are learning through reintegration to the home while practicing these new skills.
Youth in the Group Home have typically been struggling with the issues that brought them to us for many years. As such it can take some time, often many months, to learn to trust adults and to develop healthier behaviors and habits. This takes place in the context of the family also learning new coping mechanisms and building on the strengths and resiliency of their child.
The Staff Secure facility allows a child to be safe while their family regroups to formulate a plan for further intervention. It also provides a safe place for kids who have made poor choices and sends the message that they are not criminals.
All of our staff is trained to work from a strength based perspective which encourages kids to grow based on their resiliency, what is working and what they are already doing well. At all levels of programming we emphasize that the quality of one’s life is directly affected by the quality of one’s relationships.
I love seeing the progress the kids make over time knowing that they have worked hard to achieve their goals. TYFS programs are all about developing relationships with kids and their families that in turn help them to make a greater connection with each other and with their community.
Please consider supporting our essential services this year during Old Bill’s Fun Run- together as a community we can make a difference.
Jeremy Silcox
Director of the Van Vleck House