Dick Lundeen has retired after 35 years of working as a Therapist for Red Top Meadows. Over the course of 35 years Dick counseled well over two hundred and fifty young men and boys. Dick had a unique ability to connect with even the most challenging of young men.  Dick was passionate about serving our population,     Wyoming kids who need some guidance toward living a healthier life, and being safe, contributing members of society. During his years at RTM, Dick remained very strong in his conviction of the power and effectiveness of the Red Top approach.  This approach entails caring and trusting relationships, physical activity, individual and family therapy, gaining knowledge, and wilderness experience. Dick also served as a mentor and teacher to several decades of Red Top staff.  He was always willing to take the time to talk with young staff about how to work with kids, and how to take care of themselves while doing this challenging work.  In the course of this mentorship Dick formed many lifelong friendships and had a profound effect on the lives of many people.  Dick has given so much of his energy, spirit, and wisdom to Red Top Meadows; the kids, the staff, the facility have all benefited enormously by having Dick as a member of the community.  It has been less than two months since he retired, and his presence is missed daily.  We will continue on at Red Top, helping kids to become healthier, and we will carry on the traditions and work that Dick leaves behind after his many years of service.