Red Top Meadows School Spring 2017 Newsletter

Personal Finance (Modern World and You) Students learned how to be responsible shoppers in order to set themselves up for successful financial futures.

Math Geometry students used proofs to understand geometric theorems. The work was challenging but they overcame the challenges through independent practice, partner practice, and consistent feedback. They proved their skills and knowledge by scoring highly on a final exam. Algebra students learned how to read and draw graphs. They wrote stories based on graphs. The class is now moving into using the distributive property and writing equations. Pre-Algebra students translated written phrases into mathematical expressions. They used the distributive property and solved for variables in one and two step equations.

Language Arts In Language Arts class, students explored the use of poetry as a mode of expression. They found literary devices in songs and poems, read and analyzed famous poetry, and became proficient at writing multiple types of poems.

Reading Students read the novel Wonder by R. J. Palacio and started reading Auggie and Me by the same author. Following each reading session, students spent time responding to writing prompts to analyze and make connections with the text.

Science Biology students demonstrated their knowledge of meiosis by showing the stages as well as inputs and outputs using string, beads, and pipe cleaners. Next, students compared and contrasted the processes of mitosis and meiosis. They then learned the skills and vocabulary necessary to model the processes of transcription, translation, and mutations with K’Nex building toys. They demonstrated their understanding by acing a test that required them to model the processes with Twizzlers, Mike n’ Ikes, toothpicks, and Dots. Physical Science students triangulated the epicenters of earthquakes, determined their magnitude, built a seismograph to develop a scale for mock earthquakes, and used data to determine the age of rocks through radiometric dating.

Social Studies World History students researched prominent Roman figures and conducted oral presentations on their findings. The class also did an in-depth study of the Roman empire and correlated its downfall to current American political, economic, and social realities. U.S. History students researched individual mountain men involved in the western exploration of America and analyzed the role of the United States in the exploitation of lands and people spawned by the concept of Manifest Destiny

Life Literacy/Issues in Diversity Students read the graphic novel American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang and practiced finding evidence to support arguments about the text. All students participated in two Socratic Seminars, completely run by students, in which they posed questions, directed the discussion, and built on their understanding of themes within the book, their lives, and the world. For their final project, students prepared responses to discussion questions and presented their thinking in oral presentation. The class also viewed the film The Mask You Live In, which explores issues related to male stereotypes.

VISION: All students will acquire the academic, social, and behavioral skills necessary for success in school and in life.

MISSION: To increase students’ confidence as learners by providing multiple opportunities for academic, social, and behavioral success; to cultivate students’ capacity to generalize the process of learning in the classroom to learning in life; and to empower students’ ability to make and sustain positive change.