Personal Finance: Students developed zero-based budgets and discovered how living on one will enhance finances in the future. They identified and analyzed credit myths that
people believe.

Math: Middle school students translated words into algebraic expressions and equations. They used Khan academy and an Online game to prove their skills. Pre-Algebra/Algebra
students learned the slope-intercept form by interpreting and developing graphs, charts, and equations relating to real-world problems. Algebra students completed problems
regarding real-world situations by drawing, calculating, and interpreting graphical representations of functions. Geometry students showed their proficiencies on the basics of the tools of geometry by acing a chapter test and completing daily note-taking and practice problems.

Language Arts: Students wrote an autobiographical piece on an important moment in their life. They also wrote thank you letters and wrote about important virtues in life based on Benjamin Franklin’s 10 virtues.

Reading: Students read the novel“Goodbye Days” by Jeff Zentner, which deals with themes of grief, guilt, and making amends. Students were introduced to weekly spelling homework, in which they identify errors in spelling throughout the week and master words they misspelled in the past.

Science: Biology students conducted rates of photosynthesis and respiration labs and analyzed factors that impact both processes. They determined the reactants and products of all parts of both series of chemical reactions. Physical science students modeled the water, carbon, and nitrogen cycles and evaluated human impacts on the global climate with a focus on solutions and climate technologies.

Social Studies: World History students researched the Muslim empires of the middle east and Asia. They studied the Ottoman, Mughal, and Safavid Empires through note-taking and discussion and analyzed the geography, cultural blending, and cultural contributions of these empires including the birth of coffee! They are currently researching the European exploration toward the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century. Each student is completing a research project on an individual explorer.

U.S. /Government: Students analyzed the foundations of the U.S. Constitution based on the failures of the articles of the confederation. Each student is researching a framer of the constitution and their contributions/opinions.

Neuroscience and Growth Mindset: Students created labeled neurons out of candy. They wrote and took a quiz on the neuron using the website Kahoot. Students made arguments for how intelligence can be grown through effort and struggle.

Art: Jennifer McNaughton, the Art Association visiting artist for the session, brought metalworking to Red Top. Students welded, pounded, cut, sawed, and stamped metal to make jewelry and gifts.

VISION: All students will acquire the academic, social, and behavioral skills necessary for success in school and in life.

MISSION: To increase students’ confidence as learners by providing multiple opportunities for academic, social, and behavioral success; to cultivate students’ capacity to generalize the process of learning in the classroom to learning in life; and to empower students’ ability to make and sustain positive change.