Red Top Meadows School

Summer Newsletter 2017

Language Arts: The theme this session was heroes; specifically superheroes and heroes in today’s society. Students wrote 5 paragraph essays on their hero, relating that person’s attributes to the qualities of a true hero and another essay on Martin Luther King Jr.

U.S. History: Students determined who the United States is today based on events that happened post WWII such as the Cold War, social movements, and conflicts in the Middle East.

Math: Pre-Algebra students combined like terms and solved one and two-step equations through self-guided problem solving games, scavenger hunts, and mazes. Algebra 1 students used the distributed, associative, and commutative properties to solve equations and recognize the different forms that equations can take. Geometry students used
geometric theorems to write proofs.

Science: Physical Science students identified characteristics of subatomic particles, used the periodic table and alpha and beta decay equations to determine outcomes of decay reactions, and used tables to solve radiometric dating problems. Biology students used Punnett squares to predict the outcomes of combinations of traits and researched genetic disorders.

Personal Finance: Students researched different types of insurance. They learned which ones to get and when to get them. The main focus was on car insurance.

Reading and Writing Workshop: Students produced writing samples and participated in class discussions and activities while reading the novel Touching Spirit Bear by Ben
Mikaelsen. They researched juvenile crime and how the American legal system operates in relation to the story’s main character.

Health: In Health class, students participated in group activities, watched videos, and acted out refusal techniques related to pregnancy, STD, and HIV prevention and condom use.

Department of Workforce Services: Jackie Stewart came out for multiple visits and taught students about the world of work. Students identified possible occupations, practiced filling out applications, developed resumes, and participated in mock interviews for their dream job.

Yellow Iron Excavating: Dave “Opie” Garvin, owner of Yellow Iron, met with the students to explain the realities of working in construction and what he looks for in employees. They visited a job site and spoke with some of the workers (welders, masons, builders) who explained how they depend on each other to complete projects. Finally, they learned the logistics of the local transfer station.

Art: Emily Boespflug from the Art Association of JH was our visiting artist. With her, the boys combined water colors to discover different properties of the color wheel, created multiple expressions of emotion with paint and drawing, and drew or painted self-portraits.

Grand Teton National Park: The students took two trips up to the park. The first, led by our staff member and wildlife guide, Dave Augeri, took the boys across Jenny Lake in a ferry and up to visit Inspiration Point. That evening, the group spotted Grizzly 399 and her babies. The next trip was led by former RTM teacher, Sarah Farris. The boys looked for fossils at Blacktail Butte, viewed a demonstration on the creation of the Tetons, and determined why the soil is different in different parts of the park due to glacial activity.

Jeff Hogan: A filmmaker came to show the boys some of his work on filming wildlife and to talk about his occupation.

Teton County Public Health Nurses: The learning from Health class was supported by the expert knowledge of the Public Health Nurses. They also helped answer some questions the boys had about STDs.

Geologists of Jackson Hole: Mike Mauer shared his expertise on the total solar eclipse due on August 21st and brought eclipse viewing glasses for everyone. Ann and Chuck Dahl demonstrated black holes and mineral identification.

Chris Clarke: Owner of Carquest in Jackson Hole and modified race car driver, Chris spoke to the boys about his journey to success and brought his car for them to sit in and explore.

Have Snakes Will Travel: Betty and Chuck Mulcahy presented on snakes, reptiles, and other creatures. The boys had loads of questions and gladly pet the live snakes the biologists brought.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR): Some students earned a rewards field trip to Teton Village. JHMR generously provided the group with free passes for the ropes course and the tram.

SCHOOL VISION: All students will acquire the academic, social, and behavioral skills necessary for success in school and in life.

SCHOOL MISSION: To increase students’ confidence as learners by providing multiple opportunities for academic, social, and behavioral success; to cultivate students’ capacity to generalize the process of learning in the classroom to learning in life; and to empower students’ ability to make and sustain positive change.