Lisa and Paul 3

Last May, on the island of St. Croix, we married with Wyatt and Stevie at our side, and finally celebrated our happiness under the evening warmth of a 300-year-old saman tree overlooking the ocean.  Looking back at last year, the serenity of our celebration was intimate and duly earned, if not surreal.   For us and many of you, we endured to celebrate brighter futures.

Our union in marriage blends our appreciation and gratitude for one another, the depth of love that we share, and ultimately, our declaration of commitment to each other and our sons.  And now, we want you to join us in celebration!

We share a life-long value of giving back to our community. That giving has manifested itself primarily in supporting and serving non-profit organizations in Jackson Hole.

Lisa has supported and/or served on multiple nonprofit boards over her 30 plus years in Jackson. Today, she is honored to sit on the board of Teton Youth and Family Services; an organization that helps children and families find their way to lead fulfilling and constructive lives. On a personal level, TYFS has been there and supported our sons with comprehensive services over the years.  We are deeply indebted to their staff and superb programing.

Paul has focused his energies on raising awareness of addiction and substance use issues within the community during his 15 years in Jackson.  He continues in his work as the Board Chair for the Curran Seeley Foundation; Jackson’s drug and alcohol addiction counseling center since 1988.  Paul’s life of sobriety serves not only as a role model for our boys, but for many others as well. Paul shares his deep sense of empathy for those new to treatment and he also offers confidence to lead in waters where only experience, and a caring heart, can sustain. The work of Curran Seeley demands patience and compassion to make a difference in a person’s life suffering from use issues; work that is often overlooked or hidden from the public eye.

These two inspired organizations have been a bedrock of support for our family. In lieu of gifts, we would be deeply grateful if you would consider a donation by using the link below.

*Unless specified otherwise, we will equally divide the gifts between both organizations.

We are so excited to support these two organizations and we will be grateful if you would join us in donating.