Challenge Grant Met!!!

Teton Youth and Family Services has the good fortune of having a large number of great friends and supporters through both good and difficult times. However, there are a few friends of the agency that really stand out. This past summer two of them (two couples) generously agreed to fund a 2 for 1 challenge grant for $100,000. The plan was for every $2 we brought in to be matched by $1, with the end result being a total income of $300,000. We decided to increase the challenge by only counting new or increased donations. Many of you have received letters, requests and invitations from us and have responded generously. We are excited to let you know, as of February 15th we have met the challenge! To receive that level of support validates the importance of our work and your commitment to children and families.

Those dollars have and will be used to fill the funding gap from reduced income from the State to maintain staff, facilities, and equipment so we can continue the valuable programs that serve hundreds of children each year. Programs that help children and families avoid crisis and others to help them out of crisis. I hope you will take a little time to read about some of those programs in the following articles.

THANK YOU to all of our generous donors throughout this year and especially to our Challenge Grant underwriters!

Challenge Grant Offers Opportunity for Kids!

We are nearing the completion of a Challenge from two families to raise $200k– with a match of $100k! We have $55k left to go and we need your help! Each new or expanded gift is eligible for a 50% match. Please consider TYFS in your year-end giving and choose an item to support from our CARE MENU.


Peaks and Valleys Film

More Than 400 Support Children and Families in Teton County


On October 25th, 2016 more than 400 people celebrated at the Center for the Arts Theater to revel in the work of Teton Youth and Family Services. Among the stars were Representative Ruth Ann Petroff, Representative Andy Schwartz, Emmy Award winning filmmaker Mark Muheim, entrepreneur Mitch Dann, Community Foundation Director Katharine Conover, Directors and Case Workers Arty Polo, Ben Brettell, and Jeremy Silcox, Teacher and Student Aid Erin Silcox and Michael Batdorf, Wilderness Director Kyle Barrus, Therapist Dick Lundeen and the celebrated Executive Director Bruce Burkland. TYFS is a celebrated social service organization that “helps children and families find their way to fulfilling and constructive lives.”

Highlights included a summary of services about the Hirschfield Center for Children, Van Vleck Group Home and Adams Canyon Crisis Shelter, and Red Top Meadows Residential Treatment Center. With a moving discussion about suicide and the increased pressure on families in Jackson Hole. The evening proved to show the community’s support of children and families as well as provide an opportunity for discussion of the organization’s increased funding need due to the State of Wyoming budget reductions which will leave the organization in need of $800k to continue care.

Teton Youth and Family Services provides services to more than 800 children and families each year and has an 85% success rate with those they work with in residential care. To learn more or schedule a tour of the facility please e-mail or call 307-413-2767.

2015 TYFS Annual Report

ANNUAL REPORT 2015– Learn about who we are, who we serve, and what our associated metrics are for Calendar Year 2015.